Christa Pusateri – Beyond the IDP: Propel Your Career with Personal Strategic Planning

Christa Pusateri

Beyond the IDP: Propel Your Career with Personal Strategic Planning

hrista Pusateri is a creative connector of people, ideas, and action. As a team leader with Evanta/CEB’s exclusive CISO Coalition, Christa builds relationships that enable trusted collaboration between the most senior Cyber Security Executives in the United States. As a confident and engaging speaker, Christa Pusateri has a passion for bringing her sales, marketing, and diverse perspectives to promote IT, cyber security, audit and risk professionals. From Flower Child to Risk and Cybersecurity Executive Connector & Coach, she provides life-changing thought leadership to her peers, industry leaders, and influencers who are involved in all facets of cyber security.

Workshop Description
Your success as a professional in cybersecurity, audit, and risk professional depends on your ability to communicate effectively and influence people who may not report to you. You also have to stay up to speed with the latest regulations, threats, and technology. The challenge to inspire busy colleagues to cooperate and participate in the process to secure the organization is difficult. In fact, you are often accused of slowing down business workflows or holding up critical projects. The challenge is compounded with the outdated stereotypes and preconceptions that come with your technical title. Solution: When you invest in yourself and utilize a practical, personal strategic planning framework, you can develop your leadership, influence, and communication skills to find more success in your current position and future career. Attendees will leave with:

· Understanding of the 12 Ps PRISM Personal Strategic Planning Framework
· Examples of the rewards of investing in personal development
· Real life success stories o Interactive discussion and self-discovery
· Practical template for personal planning
· Resource suggestions for continued study