Sean Mason

Designing for Scale to Enhance Defense, Detection, and Response

Sean Mason is the Director of Threat Management for Cisco’s Security Advisory Services. After serving his commitment to the US Air Force, Sean spent his career with Fortune 500 companies (Cisco, GE, Monsanto & Harris). Sean served as the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) representative for Harris from 2009-2011, helping to design and implement their SOC and IRT; also notable is that Sean was the Director of Incident Response for GE for a number of years, which included designing and leading the build outs of their SOC and Cyber Crime IR Teams. Sean also holds a number of industry certifications and dedicates time to ISC2, helping to design and develop certifications and exams such as the CISSP, CSSLP, and ISSMP.

Talk Abstract
To enable a robust and integrated approach to threat defense, the strategy and architecture must be supported by tightly coupled security tools and services. This is essential to not only ensure the maximum value of technologies, but to ensure that complexity is reduced and scalability is enhanced. Sean Mason, Director of Threat Management for Cisco’s Security Advisory organization, will review how we work with enterprises to evaluate and enhance their security architecture, utilizing our Integrated Threat Defense approach. This results in a more resilient network that is designed to maximize the value of “network as a sensor and enforcer,” while ensuring that risk is reduced by enhancing speed to detection and response, allow for quicker containment and recovery time, and ultimately dissect attacks to ensure lessons are learned and the defenses of the organization are adjusted appropriately.