Nathan Burke

The Cybersecurity Capacity Problem: Is Automation Hype or the Only Hope?

Nathan Burke has written and presented extensively about the intersection of collaboration and security, focusing on how businesses can keep information safe while accelerating the pace of sharing and collaborative action. For over 10 years, Nathan has taken on marketing leadership roles in information security-related organizations. He is a frequent contributor to Dark Reading and other information security related publications.

Talk Abstract
One million unfilled cybersecurity positions coupled with a massive increase in cyber threats like ransomware and fileless malware have created a worldwide cybersecurity capacity problem. While information security and incident response teams struggle to investigate even 10% of the alerts they receive, the volume and sophistication of attacks continues to increase. In this session, we’ll move beyond the vendor hype around security automation, and look at objective facts to understand the scope of the problem. Using data from industry analysts and quantitative surveys, we’ll look at industry trends to see how organizations are responding to this new challenge. We’ll also hear from innovative CISOs that have evaluated and implemented security automation initiatives to combat this growing problem to decide whether automation is a game-changer or the buzzword du jour.