Danny Pickens - Lunch Keynote
Ira Winkler - Breakfast Keynote
Nathan Burke - The Cybersecurity Capacity Problem: Is Automation Hype or the Only Hope?
Miriam Celi - Secure Coding and Threat Modeling
Joshua Crumbaugh - How to fix stupid. A modern approach to remediating user risk Human Security Assurance Maturity Model
Erich Kron - Put up a CryptoWall and Locky the key
Michael Levin - Security Awareness in the Workplace
Sean Mason - Designing for Scale to Enhance Defense, Detection, and Response
Robert Rounsavall - The Firmware Blind Spot, What are the current issues and what you can do about it
Chad Seaman - The Mirai botnet: patient 0 to present
Peter Titov - 5G SOC Solutions (The Human Element)
Stan Wisseman - Securing Rapid Application Delivery