Come join us for a day filled with learning about new technologies, enhancing your knowledge on the latest trends, hobnobbing with your peers, and having the opportunity to hear from leading security professionals from our country.

Earn up to SIX FREE CPEs, breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and prizes too!!

    The conference will have three tracks:

  • Managers – This track will focus on what is important for managers: policy, cost, budget, strategic solutions, hiring, retention, security programs, risk management, interacting with senior management, etc.
  • Technical – This track will focus on everything technical from attack to defense and everything in between.
  • Hands on – This track will bring hand on experience with workshops, job skills, products, and more.

All presentations are educational in nature – No vendor or sales talks!

Danny Pickens - Lunch Keynote
Ira Winkler - Breakfast Keynote
Nathan Burke - The Cybersecurity Capacity Problem: Is Automation Hype or the Only Hope?
Miriam Celi - Secure Coding and Threat Modeling
Joshua Crumbaugh - How to fix stupid. A modern approach to remediating user risk Human Security Assurance Maturity Model
Erich Kron - Put up a CryptoWall and Locky the key
Michael Levin - Security Awareness in the Workplace
Sean Mason - Designing for Scale to Enhance Defense, Detection, and Response
Robert Rounsavall - The Firmware Blind Spot, What are the current issues and what you can do about it
Chad Seaman - The Mirai botnet: patient 0 to present
Peter Titov - 5G SOC Solutions (The Human Element)
Stan Wisseman - Securing Rapid Application Delivery